Ambitious projects need a sure hand at the creation stage.

They also require special care during their lives.

Although 200% satisfaction brings us the development of new projects, we do not leave our clients with those already completed. We provide technical support so that everything works at 100% and even more - to be further improved in accordance with changing needs.

We also accept projects implemented by other agencies or freelancers for service and development.

The basic models of cooperation are:

Ensuring service continuity (SLA)

Developer days + service continuity (SLA)

Ensuring continuity of services - it can cover the entire technology stack including hosting (traditional and cloud). When signing each contract in order to ensure the continuity of services, we define SLA - a document defining the limit values ​​of our work, such as the response time or restoration of the service.

Development days - an attractive offer for those whose projects "live" after implementation. Usually, we guarantee clients two days during which the developers carry out previously-agreed tasks.

Provide your services with reliable care!